Quilting Bee

We host a fortnightly Quilting 'Bee' 7pm - 9pm on alternate Tuesdays - see website calendar for dates and any changes*

The Quilters Bee offers local quilters and those interested in finding out more a chance to get together and ask questions, share their knowledge and skills.

Creative expression, social teaching and learning - the perfect way to face the longer evenings....maybe it's a good time to pull out that quilt you started and didn't finish! 

For the group you will need to bring your own project, for example a pieced quilt that is ready for stitching but if you are just at the ideas stage and want advice that's fine.

We are a small group - about 8 people usually, who share an interest in quilting and learning more about it.
Membership of the group costs £15 a year
Unfortunately at the moment we are not able to take any new members but if you want to know more about quilting, or find out more about this craft do come and meet the group for a chat - just email beforehand so that we know you are coming.  

We also host an annual quilt show in the autumn, if you would like an invite just email your details and say if you would also like to receive the Number 57newsletter.


If you want to find out more about quilting feel free to come along  to a quilters bee evening for a chat about how to make a start on your own project

Quilting classes can be arranged here for individuals or small groups , just email or call for a chat about what you need and whats possible and we'll take it from there. 
Also, there are recommended weekend quilting classes at thegoodlifecentre.co.uk in Waterloo where you can make a 'log cabin' style quilt over 2 days


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