Talking Trees Isobel Kimberley 31st Oct & 1st Nov

Monday 31st October PV 2.30pm - 9pm 
Tuesday 1st Nov By Appointment Only - please contact Isobel at to arrange a time

TALKING TREES - celebration of trees, their profundity, their mundanity, their 


Over the last decade, Isobel Kimberley has been drawing from the same tree in 

Greenwich Royal Park, exhibiting the work in 

two group shows and one retrospective. These gothic-realist pencil drawings were

featured in national specialist publication

"Living Woods" and are now sitting in private collections all over the UK. 

"Talking Trees" is an expansion of this focus 

to encorperate trees that play an important part in other peoples lives: their 

history, their future and the sense of legacy inherant in a tree.

Isobel has interviewed 6 people with diverse relationships to wood and trees: 

hardwood importer, social worker, luthier, garden designer,

tree surgeon, social activist.

Edited transcripts of the interviews will be exhibited with the drawings

Isobel is kindly donating a percentage of any sales from the show to Brockley Society Tree Committee

Isobel Jane Kimberley

Born in Yorkshire 1969 Isobel gained a combined degree in Fine Art and English Literature from Leeds University in 1992. Incorporating a six month study in Wisconsin, USA under Olympia Ogalvie. Relocating to America she won a scholarship from Des Moines Arts Center then moved to Alaska where she gained gallery representation, commissions for book illustrations and private commissions. Returning to the UK in 1997 Isobel settled in London continuing her education, studying and working with June Collier, The Princes Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School), The Royal Academy, City Lit. Isobel has explored the Cecil Collins technique and was sighted as an expert in Nomi Rowe's "In Celebration of Cecil Collins" (Published by Foolscap, 2008). 

A full time touring musician, songwriter and arranger Isobels interests include pencils, paper, trees and tobacco.