March Makers' Exhibition

  • 23/03/14

Image - Private View 21st March - and a good time was had by all!

The March Makers Exhibition 21st March - 29th March 2014 was Number 57's first exhibition with the focus on Craft, and was a huge success which we plan to repeat.

Surfacing the work of local makers and beyond, with a focus on originality, quality and resourcefulness, it featured the work of six makers, each with a distinctive approach to traditional skills and crafts reflected in their chosen technique, style, and interpretation of the medium.

Rachael South, Textile Designer and practising upholsterer presented  hand caned chairs incorporating leather lacing, ribbon, and neon plastic lacing.

Lelly Young Textile Artist, showed textile collage panels

Chrissy Silver Ceramic Artist,  uses porcelain and freshly harvested plants to create lamps and tea light holders. The light that translucent porcelain produces is soft and warm and the pierced impression from the plants gives a sharp contrast enlivening and tantalizing the surface

Bella Vernon  Artist, uses reclaimed mirrors to create images inspired by the canals and landscape of London and beyond.

Joe Mason Furniture Designer, uses reclaimed and gifted wood to make unique pieces of furniture  Design

Sarah Bettridge Quilt Maker, takes inspiration from the beauty, colour and texture of the fabrics she uses, taking figurative pieces and combining them with abstract patterns.